The Power of Juice Refreshingly New

With all the nice days that have been happening lately, it seems like it is finally summer! So I found that is was the perfect opportunity to take a nice walk down Bellevue Avenue. While taking my walk, I realized a new place had taken the spot next to the Tennis Hall of FameThe Power of Juice! I took this as an a sign that I should try something new.  I was familiar with what the space had been before (Newport Wine Cellar and Gourmet), so I was curious to see what they had done with the place. The new vibe inside was refreshing and perfect for summer. The juice options all varied and made it even harder to make a choice. After thinking my options through, I ended up choosing the Electro-Lite Me because orange and pineapple—yum! In addition to all the healthy juices, they had a wall filled with books, natural skin products, and many different healthy snacks. It was hard not to buy everything I saw!  I am all about finding healthy places to go, and Power of Juice is definitely on that list!

The Power of Juice is open 7:30am-6pm on weekdays and 8am-5pm on weekends. Check out their Instagram @thepowerofjuice!

D.Christie-Living with Libby, Summer Contributor