Plum, Amethyst, and Violet, Oh My! LKRE Goes Purple For November

As the vibrant summer greens, and vivid October oranges fade from our landscapes, our passion for captivating purples and plums is invigorated this November.

LKRE is reinventing our social feed with new thematic approaches each month.  This eleventh month of the year, deep eggplant and mulberry tones are speaking our language.  The perfect transition from the warm rusts of early autumn, to classic Holiday reds, the color purple is our biggest seasonal inspiration.

Rich and royal, purple splashes our Instagram page, drenching it in an intoxicating new pigment.  Gothic architecture adorned in inky purple, alluring deep plums on Point district colonials, vampy currant lipsticks, amethyst jewelry, intriguing violet foods, spunky lilac exteriors, and saturated wine colored fall fashion; all are feeding our creativity this month.