Patricia Ganek: The Gift of Original Art Women We Love

Newport is home to an abundance of creators, influencers, and visionaries. It’s hard not to look at the Newport coastline and instantly feel a sense of splendor and appreciation; it is then no wonder that many artists draw their inspiration from the city’s picturesque landscape.

We got to pick the mind inspired mind of Patricia Ganek, Newport local, and contemporary abstract artist.

When did you first discover your passion or art?

“I fell in love with drawing and painting at age eight when I first started spending my summers at Camp Sunningdale for girls on Sebago lake in Maine.  Our instruction was outstanding; we were taught to draw what we saw. I have vivid memories of repeatedly drawing the same beautiful, huge tree right in front of the art shack. Once I mastered that, I progressed to painting many oil paintings of Sebago lake and also of my beloved cat, Togi.  I was encouraged greatly by the instructor, Harris, and the art awards I received at camp.”
What is you preferred medium? Which other mediums do you chose to work with?
“My preferred medium is acrylic, it is color safe.  I started my career as a watercolorist but I can use acrylics like watercolors or thick like oils. I also enjoy creating mixed media collages pieces.”
Where do you draw inspiration from?
“I live in Newport and it is absolutely gorgeous in every direction! How can I not be inspired by the beauty here? I also love nonobjective work. I am a huge fan of Willem Dekooning’s work among other abstract expressionists.”
How has your work evolved over time?
“I have grown so much since my first oil paintings at camp in Maine. It’s one of the many great things about painting; it’s so constantly stimulating and growth is exhilarating.  Frustration is a common emotion I experience too but, that comes with the constant challenge in painting.”
What themes do you pursue?
“I paint what I love.”
The season of giving is upon us, and there’s hardly anything more special or impactful than the gift of original art.  Pay a visit to Patricia Ganek’s website and social media to view her pieces for yourself, or to consider for a loved one this holiday season.
Patricia is represented by Jessica Hagen of Jessica Hagen Fine Art and Design in Newport.