Newport Film An Echo of the Impact

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Newport, you know that newportFILM is a staple of a the Summer season. With their summer schedule of interesting and compelling documentaries, it’s almost  a right of passage to attend a newportFILM event. I attend almost every year, and this year was no exception. Last Thursday I attended their screening of Echo in the Canyon by Andrew Slater. Echo in the Canyon follows the story of music in the mid-sixties when folk went electric and bands such as the Beach Boys, the Byrds, and Buffalo Springfield created the California sound. Coincidentally, the film’s screening coincides with the weekend of Newport’s annual Folk Fest. Personally, I really enjoyed the film, I felt that it was a very great depiction of a time where music was simpler and fun at the same time. It is a love letter to an era of music that impacted a whole era, and many people forgot the impact it has had on musicians in the decades to come. From the view of artist Jakob Dylan, he is able to find  personal details on many of the bands, which was both interesting and informative for  me. Besides the film itself, one of the best aspects of newportFILM is the vendors—which are never a disappointment. Special shout out to sponsor Lila Delman, who always have their Lila Lounge ready for a great time. This year I opted for some pizza from Bella’s Pizzeria, a nice all-natural lemonade from the Lemons Aid Stand, and one of my new loves: Tricycle Ice Cream sandwiches. However I do think my favorite part of Newport film is the sense of community and how the program brings residents together. Whether young or old, the impact is clear—people can’t get enough of newportFILM.

You can find the schedule for newportFILM upcoming films and events on their website, as well as their Instagram.

D.Christie-Living with Libby, Summer Contributor