Meet Marissa Post! Welcome to LKRE!

Meet Marissa Post, the newest member of the LKRE Team. Marissa is a unique addition to the team as she had previously worked with some of our agents in the role of a client. During these transactions, she was able to learn more about the LKRE business and culture so when it came time to hang her license, there was no question of where to turn. In addition to being a licensed real estate agent, Marissa is also a military spouse, mother, and registered contractor! There is no shortage of ambition with Marissa…let’s just say, her resume doesn’t stop there!

Read on below to get to know Marissa with a quick Q&A. Have a read of her biography, too!

Why did you join LKRE?

I worked with agents at LKRE as a client on multiple transactions. I was so impressed by their knowledge and dedication to their work. When I also decided to become a realtor, there was no doubt I wanted to join their team and work with the best!

What do you enjoy most about living in Portsmouth?

I love waking up to our amazing views of the sunrise over the Sakonnet and the quiet of our neighborhood. With both of those and our close proximity to Newport, Providence, Boston, and more, we get the best of so much New England has to offer!

Favorite family activity on Aquidneck Island?

My family really enjoys walking around Green Animals Topiary Garden in the late spring. We love to get ideas for our own garden and the younger kids really enjoy playing around the various shaped greenery. They often have workshops you can sign up to participate in as well.

Best place for a date night?

We love hopping over to 15 Point Road in Portsmouth for a date night. We don’t have to go far to find great food at a locally owned restaurant!

What’s your real estate style? Traditional or Modern?

When it comes to my own real estate, I lean towards the the modern minimalist side. I enjoy the clean lines and function of a well organized home. In an area like Newport, however, it is impossible not to appreciate the historical homes that abound!

As a military child and now spouse traveling the globe, what has been the most memorable experience?

Learning how to ski in the Alps was definitely an experience I will never forget! I had to muster up courage I didn’t even know I had to traverse those slopes!

As a registered contractor, what is one thing a homeowner can do to improve the value of their home?

Keeping up the exterior of your home goes a long way! Not only does it increase your curb appeal, but keeping up with replacing siding, windows, shingles, etc. as necessary, really decreases the need for major fixes later. The interior of your home will only stay in great condition if you take care of the exterior…nature will take over quickly if you allow it!

Welcome, Marissa! We’re thrilled to have you on our team! To follow Marissa, be sure to find her on Facebook and Instagram:

Facebook: @MarissaPostrealty

Instagram: @marissapostrealty