Maintaining Client Relationships The Art of Making a Connection

The role of a successful real estate broker goes far beyond just that of a transaction coordinator.  My business is built on, and sustained by referrals and connections.  One of my favorite aspects of my job as a broker, lies in the client relationships I cultivate throughout the buying and selling process.  With over 25 years of experience in this field, my network is dense, and interwoven; yet each connection is distinctive and meaningful in its own way.

When initially meeting my clients, I am always looking for a way to make that first meaningful connection.  I get to know them, their wants and must-haves, and their taste and preferences as we navigate their unique real estate transaction.  Finding the perfect house for any client is a careful and intuitive process. For many agents, the closing table is where this relationship ends.  However, I often find that the real estate transaction is merely the first encounter in many long and fruitful client relationships.

With my background in design and home renovation, many of my real estate clients turn into design clients as they use me for insight and guidance throughout the home renovation process.  This is when I get to know my clients on an even deeper level, and they get to have fun making decisions that will transform their home into one that is customized just for them.  My clients also take advantage of my knowledge in the local area, using me as a guide and resource for information far beyond our real estate transaction.

Maintaining client relationships

Sometimes these client relationships are truly magic. I count myself as fortunate to have worked with some incredible people and families.  Laura and Jim Marks, are a couple that come to mind.  After successfully representing them in the purchase of their gorgeous Middletown property, Laura and Jim have gone on to be generous and thoughtful advocates for my business.  By staying in contact, and deferring to me for guidance when  settling into and renovating their new home, we have maintained a beautiful working relationship.  They recently have celebrated the engagement of their son. I am excited to continue to be a resource for them and their growing family.


Real estate is not just about the sale! In taking the time to nurture these client relationships, offer my expertise and advice, and by showing genuine concern and interest, I see my client’s return the favor with their referrals. As my client’s families and networks expand, so too does my business. Each successful client interaction can lead to many successful relationships down the road.  The gratification is not instant, but building relationships and perfecting the art of ‘making a connection’ is truly rewarding.

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