Love Where You Travel: Libby’s Dispatch From El Chorro

It’s been eight years since my husband Kevin and I have traveled to Europe. This particular trip was planned around his love for climbing as he received an invitation to travel to Spain to an area called El Chorro. We decided to use this destination as the first stop of our European adventure.
El Chorro is a small mountain town located in Málaga in southern Spain, high above two lovely smaller towns, Álora and Valle de Abdalajís. It is one of the most popular rock climbing attractions in Spain. The landscape I am just smitten with, it consists of rolling hills with miles and miles of olive trees and orange trees… We spent three amazing days here. While Kevin and friends climbed, I was at base camp, a lovely Spanish Villa situated high in the hills. Our group had a blast! Next stop: Seville. Falling in love with Spain…stay tuned for more! xLK