Let It Sparkle AA Window Cleaning

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but clean windows are a broker’s best friend. I don’t like to reveal all of my real estate secrets, but sometimes I just feel compelled to share.  One of my must-do’s in listing a property is to have a thorough window cleaning prior to hitting the market.  Think of a home’s windows as a window into the soul of the house. They are such a huge part of the home – and clean windows truly make a difference in how a property will show to prospective buyers.

In preparing a home for sale, I have my solid list of great companies that I love, trust and support. I absolutely love working with AA Window Cleaning – an amazing local company, with terrific employees, and next-to-none response time. AA Window Cleaning employees are very respectful, thoughtful, and trustworthy.  Work with them and experience the sheer enjoyment of seeing light shine through a clean window. I can’t recommend them enough!