Innovate Newport Innovation for All!

This past week, I was able to get my entire team together for our Bi-Annual Team Meeting. Finding a space to fit the entire group is sometimes a challenge, so I was relieved when I was able to find the perfect spot—Innovate Newport. Newly opened this past June,  Innovate Newport  is a hub for  business innovation. With open work spaces, personal desks  private offices and social and professional events, it is the perfect spot for any professionals. The vibe of the building is very forward and millennial, which is really great for any business looking to make a splash in the 21st century’s next decade. My team and I were able to have a fulfilling and informative meeting in a comfortable and appropriate space! I look forward to continue to grow with my team as well as continuing to utilize this growing partnership with Innovate Newport.

To learn more about Innovate Newport and sign up for a membership, visit their website here.