Hardwood Floors | Adding Value and Transforming Spaces Using Hardwoods in your Renovation Design

hardwoods versus carpet

hardwoods versus carpetresale value hardwoods

resale value hardwoods

hardwoods versus carpet

hardwoods versus carpet

Aresale value hardwoods

Ask any buyer, everyone loves to read the words “hardwoods throughout” when searching listings.  Today, we break down the value of opting for hardwoods versus carpet in your renovation design.

Whether for your primary residence, investment property, vacation home, or rental, hardwood flooring will add instant value to your property. When it comes to resale value, having hardwoods will always work in your favor. A study of homebuyer preferences by USA Today found that 54% of home buyers were willing to pay more for a home with hardwood floors.

Looking at the upfront cost of installing hardwoods versus carpet can often seem like a deterrent for renovators.  However, when you compare the cost of maintaining that flooring choice over time, hardwoods almost always come out victorious.  Quality carpeting can last 10-15 years with upkeep, though it often requires thorough maintenance.  Throughout its lifespan, carpet will show its age as it becomes worn, stained and – let’s face it – quickly outdated. Hardwoods, on the other hand, can withstand years of wear and tear without need for replacement. When the time does come to refresh your hardwoods, there is always the option of refinishing. The cost of refinishing hardwoods is typically not far off from that of a carpet install, and a good sanding and staining is truly transformative in any space.

Living and working in the real estate market in Newport, we have seen all types, ages, and stages of hardwoods, some dating back to the colonial era.  The longevity, and constant desire for hardwoods is truly a testament to their durability, timelessness, and universal appeal.

Looking to update the flooring in your property?  Trying to get your home ready to list?  Or, has your property been sitting on the market for a while without much activity?  We have a trusted network of vendors that we use for our listings and renovation properties.  Our go to floor refinisher is Romeo (401-662-6533), with NE Floors.  Call us today for more details, or to schedule a design consultation.

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