Graphically Inclined Meltdown: Jessica Hagen Fine Art & Design

Artists featured here (left to right) | Lloyd Martin, Walter Horak, Christopher Benson
Artist featured here | Haley Beann
Artists featured here (left to right) | Ron cowie, daniel denton, Hunt slonem, haley beann

Artists featured here |  nancy grace horton

Having a background in graphic design, and a deep appreciation of modern art, I find myself constantly enticed by bold and energetic art pieces. Naturally, my eye was instantly drawn to the cover piece of Jessica Hagen Fine Art and Design Gallery’s new exhibition; Meltdown.

Jessica’s gallery has been a favorite of mine for years.  Her ever-evolving collection is a testament to her keen eye and skill for curation. Meltdown, launching February 29 and ending March 28, features exciting works from Lloyd Martin, an abstract painter, RISD graduate, and personal favorite artist of mine. Having had the pleasure of viewing the new exhibit before its official presentation on Saturday February 29, I can speak to this collection’s ability to invigorate your creative senses, and revitalize your spirit in anticipation of the spring months ahead.

Break your winter habits this weekend, skip the weather-centric ‘small talk,’ and come by Jessica Hagen’s Art gallery to experience Meltdown for yourself!

Meltdown Opening: Saturday February 29 from 5-7PM