Editorial Shoot A Vision at Lansmere

It’s hard to say when creativity may strike, but if you keep your eyes open, you’ll find there is inspiration all around.  This was the case a week ago when Libby stopped Spring Street traffic at the sight of Malerie Day, walking along the sidewalk.  “A face like that is rare, I just knew I had to stop and get her story” – Libby.  A brief conversation later, and Libby had found a new model to work with to help fulfill her vision of an editorial shoot at her Lansmere condo listing.

“I had a dream for this editorial shoot; a gorgeous, dark haired woman, in a black evening gown climbing an industrial ladder to change a lightbulb against the ornate background of a french inspired interior.”  Away we went!  Malerie joined us for the day and we spent hours staging and shooting various, eye-catching vignettes at captivating Lansmere.

In this editorial shoot, we were sure to highlight each of the condo’s spectacular details. Using the morning light to our advantage, we posed Malerie in front of the tall, dining room windows overlooking the front lawn’s weeping beech.  Malerie moved effortlessly, with every shot we took, the excitement grew.  Then we moved to the kitchen.  The counters were splayed with vibrant tulips against a copper faucet, and Malerie wore silk, floral housecoat. In the grand living room, we staged Libby’s dream shot as Malerie ascended the industrial ladder; a stunning juxtapose against her black evening gown.  We moved upstairs to capture some edgy shots of Malerie getting ready in the deep, red bathroom.  Then we changed gears and went outside for a picnic scene, with Malerie in a white sundress on the sprawling lawn.  Of course, we got some shots of Malerie wearing a signature “Love Where You Live” Libby Kirwin t-shirt, dog-sidekick Rufus, in hand.

At the end of the day we walked away with over 1500 shots from this editorial shoot.  Each stunning vingette painting a different theme and mood, and highlighting the condo’s key features for the listing re-launch.  We shared laughs and fed easily off each other’s creative energy.

These are the moments at LKRE that are so magical; Libby’s creative eye and unique vision is what sets her apart as a broker, and LKRE as a brokerage.  We are so excited to share these images with our clients and following.  And we certainly can’t wait to work with Malerie again in future editorials.

Keep your eyes open – there is inspiration all around!  And remember to #LoveWhereYouLive

Model: Malerie Day – View her Instagram

Creative Director: Libby Kirwin – View Libby’s personal Instagram

Photographer: Julia Bedard – View her Instagram

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