Cottage and Garden Libby's Holiday Gifting Guide

A hidden gem with hidden treasures in every corner, Cottage and Garden on charming Bridge street in Newport is at the top of our list for holiday gift giving this season.  Cleverly curated and chock-full of impressive antiques, timeless collectibles, and eye-catching oddities, a walk through this Newport locale is truly a walk through a magic garden.

Browse their selection of yard ornaments, plants, and outdoor furniture then head inside to discover an impressive collection of gift items. From topiaries and urns, to candelabras and cookware, to home decor and artisan pieces – Cottage and Garden’s array of potential gift ideas will have your inspiration stirring, and your eyes feasting.

Whether trying to purchase for that tricky friend that seems to already own it all, or looking to treat yourself to some unique retail therapy, we are sure you will love the selection and browsing experience at Cottage and Garden.