Best of the Fifth Ward A walk along the District

This summer, I have really taken a liking to the Fifth Ward and all it has to offer. In one of my previous posts I wrote about the Harvest Market, a cafe that prides itself on its carefully crafted items made all made from locally-made produce. Connected to that is a contemporary art gallery called The King’s Lens and Friends. The gallery¬† rotates work of different artists as well as work done by the owner, Patrick Murphy. Another ever popular spot in the Fifth Ward is Winner Winner, a restaurant with a solely chicken-based menu. This place is one of my personally favorites, because I can never resist their signature chicken sandwich. Another spot right at the end of Thames and the beginning of the Fifth Ward is The Bodhi Spa. This hydrotherapy day spa that hot mineral baths infrared and electric saunas, aromatherapy steams, and prime skin care is perfect for relaxation after a stressful week.¬† Another little wonder is the Morton Park, newly renovated and perfect to take the children to (or yourself I’m not one to judge). With all these different things to do there’s no wonder why the Fifth Ward has become one of my favorite places this summer!

D.Christie-Living with Libby, Summer Contributor