Attic Space Transformation The Power of Paint and Staging


Newport’s stuffy attics often leave little to be inspired.  Hot, dim, and cramped, these top floor spaces are seldom thought of as fun hang-out, or sleeping options; but something about the sizeable attic at 25 Willow was just screaming for a touch of style and ingenuity.  Some elbow grease, air-conditioning, stylish decor, and many gallons of fresh white paint later, and this attic retreat is now the envy of Newport’s Point neighborhood.

Starting at the base of the staircase up to this lovely colonial’s third floor, nautical inspiration starts to take shape.  Crisp white floors and walls are contrasted with a rich navy blue stripe, a classic maritime color pairing.  A round, natural wood mirror cleverly mimics the porthole of a ship, and acts to draw in light from the impressive skylights above.  Stepping into the space, the ample sunlight bounces off the bright walls and floors, instantly making you forget that you are in an attic.  Two twin beds, with matching wood nightstands flank the tall front window, adding instant balance and symmetry to the room.  The quilted navy and white striped bedding softens the aesthetic and perfectly complements the paint detail on the stairs.  Clever additions such as thoughtfully placed baskets, blankets, ottomans, pillows, and throw rugs make the room even more inviting.  To balance out these soft features, industrial light fixtures, a row of wooden floor lanterns, and bronze, metal bedside fans add a touch of masculinity, hardness, a mix of metallic accent to the space.

Julia Bedard – Living With Libby, Contributor